1) Open to pro managers only.
2) Fights will be run by Slick Willy (who is not in the tournament) using the TBG sparring partner. Fights will be run until there is a winner. There will be no draws.
3) Create a heavyweight with 90 APs and submit his stats to Slick Willy via i-mail by June. 14!!. This is a firm deadline to insure managers have at least five days to prep for their first fight. You are welcome to send them in earlier. Once the height, weight and build are posted on this board they can't be changed.
4) A listing of fighters height, weight and build will be posted. Fighters will not gain APs or BPs for wins.
5) Matchups and fight dates will be posted here. Fight plans must be sent in 24 hours prior to fight time which will be specified on the schedule.
6) One loss eliminates a manager.
7) The first fights will be run June 20 with fight reports posted as soon as I'm able.
8) The CQT winner will not only gain automatic entry into the CIT and the 32nd seed, he will also win $10 in gym credits. The runner-up will earn the CIT's 64th seed and $5.

Good luck!
Any questions, please i-mail Slick Willy