1. Create a fighter in the flyweight division with the word "fly" in his name. Enter the fighter into rankings any time starting Saturday, July 19, 2003 but not before please.
2. There is $20 in total cash prizes (gym credits only) available. There will either be a $20 grand total or two $10 awards. Here is why there are 2 possibilities.
- $10 will be awarded to the first fighter in either Fledgling Flyweights or Redneck's Revenge to fight for the world flyweight title.
- $10 will also be awarded to the Fledgling Flyweights overall points leader at the time the first prize is claimed. If that fighter is the same person as the first prize winner then he'll get the whole $20.
2(B). Buffalo Bombers has now extended his $10 Redneck's Revenge prize to this tournament. So if a Fledgling Flyweight Contestant should win he win will collect $30. Thanks BB.
3. Points will be awarded each week in two ways. There will be a base points system (I'll list it after the rules) awarding weekly points for wins, kos, decisions, rating/status increases, etc... More importantly, and to make this tournament interesting to all each week, there will be a weekly bonus points incentive. The BPs will be significant so that those not at the top of the leader board have a chance to still gain significant points and keep themselves in the running. Each week, I'll announce what the weekly bonus points will be awarded for. It could be something like 50 points this week for anyone who breaks an opponent's jaw or 50 points to the manager with the quickest KO, or most lopsided decision etc.... On occassion BPs may be awarded to more than 1 manager in a week. The BPs will be much greater than the base points to keep everyone a contender.
4. It does not matter if you already have a fighter in Buffalo Bombers Redneck's Revenge tournament. You can still enter a fighter here, too.
5. Since I am the only one who knows the weekly incentives ahead of time, I will not participate in this event. If anything comes up which I haven't clearly defined as a rule, I retain the right to clarify or add rules if it becomes necessary. I doubt it will.
6. You can drop a fighter at any time and start a new one but you can only do this once. The first fighter will no longer be eligible and if you dump both fighters you are no longer in the contest.
Remember though that there are ways to get yourself back in the running by winning the weekly bonus points incentives so don't get discouraged if you fall behind the pack.
7. If for some reason the scheduler misses you one week and you're the only one not to fight, then your next fight you'll be able to double your points for that week with a victory.
8. It doesn't matter if you're in regional or world but remember a world title is the ultimate goal so upping that status is huge! There will be one penalty, though. Each fighter is allowed one regional title victory against a lower-rated opponent. However, each subsequent regional title fight against a lower-rated opponent will cost you half the points you earn that week.

Hopefully this covers it. If you have any questions ask below and i'll clarify or add.