Here is a tip for newbies which will add the greatest fun to this game if you are not already aware.
It's not going to help you win any fights but it's going to improve your enjoyment of reading fight reports tenfold.
The tip is - use fighter links.
What that will allow you to do is read fight reports without knowing the result.
Here is how to use it.
Go to your fighter's public page. You can get there by clicking "gym" and then "your fighter's name" and up will come his private page. Then at the top of that page click on the "figher's name" which will bring up his public page.
At the top of the page is a link which says "If you wish to follow this fighter's career you can save this fighter's link."
Click on it.
Now on the lefthand menu click on "fighter links."
You will find the fighter's name there and beside it a column with numbers.
Clicking on his name will take you to his public page. Clicking on the number will take you to his last fight report.
There you can read the fight beginning with fighter introductions with no idea of the final result.
Now that you know how to use fighter links, enjoy reading the fights!