You have to make your own fight plans for this game. That's the skill and fun required.
It takes a little bit of reading and sparring to determine what works and what doesn't.
Your best bet is to start by reading the rules Click on "Help" at the top of the lefthand menu and, voila, there are the rules. Almost all you need to know in order to play the game is located there.
There are several self help commentaries (link is located above) written by other players which take you step by step through the process of writing fight plans. Try checking out Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo's "Strategy Help" a great read for aspiring contenders.
Here is a quick run down of how you make a fight plan.
1. You write a set of instructions for each round.
2. You are given 20 points to divide between Aggression (punches thrown)/Power/Defence. For example:
Now you can chose to go to the body to wear our your opponent 4b/8/8 or go to head for ko 4h/8/8 or try to land more punches by using neither 4/8/8
3. You have to choose a style of which there are many and they all have different benefits. There is clinch, ring, outside, chase, inside, feint, counter, allout or no style. They appear like:
4b/8/8 (clinch)
4b/8/8 (chase)
or no style would be
4. You can write one instruction per round or add conditionals to measure the damage you're doing, damage you're taking, the score, your cuts or his cuts etc...
You separate the round instructions by putting the round number at the beginning like this:
1) 4b/8/8 (clinch)
2) 4b/9/7 (clinch)
3) 4b/10/6 (clinch)
if opp = tired then 5b/10/5 (clinch)
if opp = hurt then 5h/10/5 (inside)
4) 4b/10/6 (clinch) if score <= -1 then 6b/7/7 (clinch)
If score >= 1 then 4h/8/8 (clinch)

What you're doing in round 4 is using the first line 4b/10/6 (clinch) unless you are losing by -1 rounds or more in which case you go 6b/7/7 (clinch) or if you are winning by 1 or more then you're going 4h/8/8 (clinch)
These are all just examples and not meant to be a real fight plan.
The rest you're going to have to figure out by reading, sparring or you can go into chat and ask questions. You'll find most players very helpful.
Good luck and have fun!