First thing you should do is read the rules of play which can be found by clicking the "help" link. If you read the "overview" section in there it will help to understand how the game works.
You need to create a fighter and the scheduler will match you with an opponent.
Different divisions fight on different days. The schedule is contained in the rules section.
Your fighter will have 4-7 days to prepare for his fight before it happens. This is not a video game, it's a strategy game.
If you're really interested in learning the game, I'd advise once you've read the rules you might want to ask for a mentor (for amateurs only). We have pro players who have volunteered to help new players by answering any questions they might have on game play or strategy through an internal e-mail setup. Write the PCs at support@boxinggame.com if you want a mentor. Good luck and enjoy the game!