The C.I.T Tournament Schedule

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This year's CIT is similar to those in the past, with only minor differences.
  • Single-elimination, seeded, heavyweight tournament with 64 invitees.
  • All fighters begin and retain only 100 Ability Points throughout the competition.
  • All fighters must be within the current game restricted heights (4'10" - 6'9").
  • Fighter names are represented by the names of their invited gym.
  • There will be no ties. Fights will be resolved until there is a winner.
  • Initial fighter stats and strategies should be submitted to Slick Willy by I-mail.
  • Seeding only designates the starting bracket position of a fighter, brackets are not readjusted each round.
  • Participants will be allowed to change strategies between fights, if a new fight plan is not submitted the last fightplan submitted will be used.
  • There is no limit to the number of lines for strategies, but it is strongly recommened that the strategy is tested in the sparring partner prior to submission.
  • All prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the tournament
Good luck to all the participants!